7.21 Necklace

This is Starry Night Serie Necklace~:)

Tried mix translucent clay with green clay,I love the effects.

Polymer Clay Tutorial: How to make a cute Panda Charm

I saw this fat panda in a pic, and find it's super kawaii, so I decided to make one myself.

What you will need: Black and white Polymer Clay.
Sculpey Bake and Bond, Baby Powder.
Eye Pin.

First use white clay to make the body of panda.Make that as the Jelly Bean shape.
That's the front.

That's side of the Body.

Continue use black clay make the hands, ears and eyes.

Glue them to the body.After bake it, you can draw the mouth and add some pinky to the cheek
I add the feet for the panda lately.

Tada, after attach the eyepin, we are finished.

Hello,Everyone,I'm Panda,I love bamboo.

Polymer Clay Tutorial--how to make Starry Night Bracelet

Materials:Blue,white and Yellow Polymer Clay
Crystal String,Copper Chain(you can choose to use either one)
Clasps and Baby powder(make you work much easier,keep your hands dry)

Mix Blue and yellow Clay.I just doing that as an example, you can mix whatever color you like.

Twsit the Clay,be careful not to mix them thoroughly.
You want the Starry Night feeling.

Done.You can now make more beads use the same method.

Drill a hole

After baking you can connect the beads and make your own Bracelet~lol

Here's the finished Bracelet~do you like it :)

Homework for Design class

So, this assignment is ask us using both hand paint process and photoshop to make a movie post
that's the first one

after recevied the comments and re-edit it


Got my studio today,it's a big room,but with no windows. I will strat work with senior project these day~Fighting!

Etsy blog party!

Laura just have this great idea so we can promot and have chance know more about each others~XD Thanks

All you have to do is follow these steps:
1. Have a blog.
2. Link your latest Etsy item in the Linky tool below,
3. Make a post about this with a link back to my blog so you can promote yourself and help promote the others. The link: http://creation-faeries.blogspot.com/2011/12/etsy-blog-party.html
4. Leave a comment with your blog post so we can come visit you.
5. Display this badge:
6. Share some love to the other participants by visiting their shop and blogs.
 :) Let's party!

My Latest Item


2012,Happy New Year~How's everyone~Lol

 I was really addict by the "The BigBang Theory"show now,very interesting comedy show,highly 

Here's the new Tshirts. 


I Love U~